A modern multidisciplinary artist. In artistic practice, applying the most modern technologies. Such as paintings with augmented reality, VR, NFR, Metaverse and artificial intelligence. He combines creative activity with popularization activity. Lectures, author of educational courses.

- lived and worked on fr .Bali is six years old.
- worked on a comic book with the Dalai Lama,
- - did exhibitions in many museums ((MOTHER, M. Roerich) works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.
- painted the GOGOL center,
- - created the largest Urals in Europe with an additionalreality(12 floors)
- represented Russia at Dubai Expo 2020
- participant of many international exhibitions
- artist of the best-selling Esquire cover
- creator of author courses on the BBE platform
- works in AR,VR, metaverse.
- one of the first to sell NFT with augmented reality