Alexandra participated in exhibitions in Yalta, Simferopol, Kyiv, Limassol.
Her works are in private collections in the Crimea, France, England. For the first time she showed her works in 1999 at the exhibition of women artists of Yalta in the Livadia Palace Museum and immediately declared herself as a bright painter. For 9 years of creative activity, she was able to find her individual style. Her huge colorful panels are written lightly and sound like a hymn to the sun, nature and love of life. The picturesque works of Alexandra Sirbu, sonorous in color and dynamic in composition, perfectly fit into the interior and contribute to creating a joyful mood for everyone who enters the room! The works of Alexandra Sirbu are not similar to the canvases of other artists, they cannot be "attached" to any style or direction. Alexandra's "visiting card" is a bold and life-affirming painting, a multi-colored fairy tale, into which the everyday life transformed by the artist's brush has magically turned.