Artist, graphic artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia Dmitry Ikonnikov is a well-known Moscow artist. The recognizable plastic language created by him and the unique author's technique of performing works make him a prominent representative of contemporary Russian fine art. The life and creative path of the master is interesting, his own technique and his attitude to classical painting techniques are unusual and non-standard. As they say, with the departure of an artist, the whole world leaves... but we can still look into this wonderful world of a great artist. Ikonnikov, throughout his creative life, constantly turned to numerous series that united his works “City: entrance from the yard”, “Habitat”, “Seamstress. The fabric of time”, which he shows not only in artistic, but also in literary and essayistic incarnation. Dmitry Ikonnikov never tried to please the prevailing tastes and trends, critics and the public, but he was always in dialogue with the artistic tradition. His plot and figurative compositions quite "fit" in the eternal genres - landscape, portrait, still life ... It is not so often today that you can see a painting that appeals to the viewer in a plastic language, both classical and modern. The artist left us in 2019, but his work remains with us, which is an integral and organic, and most importantly, a vivid artistic phenomenon, which combines creative traditions from different times.