We are very sensitive and attentive to the choice of fabric for the production of our products.
Our fabrics have certificates of quality, safety, as well as a test report.
We use direct printing with pigment inks without chemical impregnation.
We use fabrics produced according to the most modern technology, thanks to which the print does not wash out and does not fade.
For hoodies, we use a footer, the main component of which is cotton. But in order for the fabric to acquire elasticity and strength, 8% of the product is elastane.
The material retains heat well, creates a pleasant textile sensation, absorbs moisture and lets air through.

Our shoppers are made of linen or twill.
Twill is a dense cotton fabric.
Main advantages:
Strength and wear resistance. This main advantage is provided due to the density of the canvas: it is 220-360 grams per square meter. meter.
Good breathability, thermoregulation. Clothing allows the body to "breathe". And it keeps you warm in cold weather.
Hygroscopicity (the ability to absorb moisture).
Non-electrifying. The material does not "spark" - static electricity does not accumulate. Therefore, the canvas is suitable for sewing overalls for workers in chemical enterprises, etc.
Hypoallergenic. Safety for humans is explained by the predominant proportion of cotton threads in the fiber.
Resistance to water and pollution (in the event that the thing was treated with special impregnation).
Practicality. Twill products are easy to wash, dry quickly, do not shed or wrinkle, do not absorb odors.

Linen is a natural, eco-friendly, most comfortable fabric with a matte subdued sheen.
The most important material properties:
Environmental friendliness, the guarantee of this is the natural origin of raw materials;
High thermal conductivity and breathability. It has been established that in hot weather, the temperature of a person's body in clothes made of linen material is much lower than in clothes made of other matter;

We use direct printing on natural fabrics with pigment inks.
As the name implies, direct printing is a process in which the printing device applies ink not to an intermediate paper carrier, but directly to the fabric.
With this method, even complex images are bright and clear.
Our print is durable and retains its brightness after 80-100 washes!
The use of such inks is safe to use, unlike, for example, reactive inks.

A few rules for you on how to care for our products.
Wash our clothes on a gentle mode, setting the water temperature in the washing machine to no more than 30 degrees.
When hand washing, follow all the steps very carefully and do not twist the products during the spin cycle.
The temperature of the iron should not exceed 150 degrees
Do not use bleaching agents and aggressive washing powders.